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with good conversations.

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Build A Persona And Not Just A Bot

Bluefish is a powerful and secured platform that delivers AI-powered chatbots to businesses and brands irrespective of the industries they serve.

“Personality” matters while building a bot and that’s exactly bluefish does. It enhances the user experience of bots with personality and engages with your customers across applications, websites, and social media platforms.

Our Popular chatbots

Power up your business with the Bluefish Platform. Unveil a set of powerful APIs with an instinctual user interface.

Dentist Bot

Engage in a one-on-one conversation with your patients. Increase your ease of accessibility by providing them an approachable avenue to understand your treatments and book appointments effectively & without any hassles.

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Insurance Bot

Forget the long lines at the insurance office and tedious calls to the agent. With our insurance bot, help your customers enjoy a streamlined path to make claims and various others queries at the tap of a button.

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Lead Generation

Reduce your time and expense incurred during lead generation with our Lead Generation Bot and garner potential customers efficiently. With no time scale, out bot can work 24/7 to help you tap into agreeable customers at any time of the day.

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Hunger Bot/Table Booking Bot

Choose fine dining over long reservation lines with our Hunger Bot/ Table booking bot. Help your customers with online booking facility and optimize your staff’s work process for a more streamlined and engaging approach.

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HR Bot

Simplify your HR processing, employee complaints and other relevant organizational matters on the HR Bot. Punch in the instructions and your virtual assistant is good to go.

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Customer Service

Ensure that your customers are not kept waiting for their resolutions. Do away with the time-consuming call services and be more approachable to your customers with the help of our Customer Service Bot.

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Our Features Are Awesome

NLP Engine Integration

Use our NLP engine to comprehend and send responses to users in a human language. It can process complex queries through pre-defined programming and training.

Personality Training

By incorporating the concept of personality, our bots can comprehend and respond to a user’s intentions based on their tone as well as sentiment.

Intents, Utterances, and

We design chatbots that understands user intents and creates utterances for every entity by simple drag and drop option.

Highly proactive

Enhanced with autocomplete capability, Bluefish's proactive bots are designed to be intelligent and engaging. With our auto-complete search terms, your customers get fast resolutions.

Conversational UI

An attractive and interactive user interface that grabs your audience attention and engages with them like never before.

Seamless Integration

Enjoy engaging with your audience on any platform. You can plug-in our chatbots anywhere and render impeccable customer experiences after they are deployed.


Integrate Anywhere

API support to integrate with 100's of tools like Slack, Yammer, Hubspot, Salesforce, etc.
Integrate anywhere using simplr HTML or Javascript code snippet.

Why Your Business Needs An Intelligent Chatbot?


Improve customer engagement

The artificial intelligence technology responds to queries instantly that your customers are asking for. Enabling chatbots will save valuable time of your customers and the money you spend on various platforms.


Better insights about customer behavior

With the help of analytics, unveil a lot about your customers’ behavior. This data will assist you to plan better business strategies and improve customer experience.


Incline your business reach

A business that has a chatbot to interact with its customers has a bigger opportunity to provide personalization in terms of brand messaging. Thus, driving higher conversions with the targeted audience.